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Welcome! Check out the latest posts and happenings from The ALGA. Don't forget to share your random acts of kindness by clicking here. We'd love to hear about kindness you've received, and kindness you've gifted to others.

At The ALGA we believe that all humans are energetically connected. We believe that our actions create ripples that spread throughout the Universe in ways we will likely never know.

What we do know is that each act of giving builds upon the previous to create our own legacy of love.

Alexandria left a long trail of love, and she taught us the incredible and lasting power of simply being kind.

We invite you to join us, as we continue Alexandria's work.

Groveport Madison Scholarship

The Alexandria Leigh Goodwin Angel Foundation is thrilled to offer a scholarship to a Groveport Madison High School senior.

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5k Design Contest

Enter the ALGA 5K Design Contest for a chance to win $100! The more designs you submit, the greater your chances of being selected.

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5k 2018 photos

The Inaugural 5K was a blast! Join us for the next Alex's Legacy of Love 5K. Walk or run...just join the fun!

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Capital Scholarship

Alexandria was an outstanding student. She was a Junior at Capital University when she passed away. She simply loved her Cap Fam. She passed away before beginning her junior year. In her honor, the Foundation offers a scholarship to a Capital University junior.

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5K 2018

Our first 5K was an amazing success! We are forever grateful to the runners, walkers, volunteers, and our amazing sponsors. Don't miss out! Sign up for our next event!

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